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OFFICE TOUR // Look inside Splendith

by Elaine Boer 04 May 2017
<p>Nice that I can show you my 'Office'. Here's where the magic happens^^. Every&nbsp;day&nbsp;I enjoy&nbsp;working here!&nbsp;​My&nbsp;office&nbsp;is an&nbsp;elong&nbsp;space of approximately 25 m2&nbsp;with&nbsp;excess&nbsp;light:&nbsp;really&nbsp; sp;fantastic! Enjoy your look at my 'candystore' :)<img alt="" src=" %20handlettering%20en%20DIY%2001.jpg" /></p>

<p>Because&nbsp;so much&nbsp;light&nbsp;comes in,&nbsp;I left&nbsp;everything&nbsp;nice&nbsp;white&nbsp; This is ideal, especially because I take a lot of photos here. I never have any problems with annoying colored reflections. And even on dark days, I can still photograph well. There is a permanent tripod, which I use every day!&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

<p>My office is a wonderful space, where I spend most hours of the week (except for my bed ;)). It's great to have a separate office. This way I can keep work and private life a little more separate. Sometimes I work at home in the evening, relaxing on the couch or making things at the dining table. It really gives me peace of mind that everything else is in my office. Fun fact: almost all the materials you see here have been in our house for a few months. Yep, our house was really a warehouse. Just before I moved with Splendith, I no longer fit in my office. Then I worked in the living room and the shop's stock was in the office.</p>

<p>So much better to have everything organized like this. Thanks IKEA, haha!&nbsp;It's still quite&nbsp;difficult&nbsp;to find&nbsp;what&nbsp;works&nbsp;easy,&nbsp;correctly&nbsp;drawers&nbsp;or open&nbsp;cabinets,&nbsp;etc. Now&nbsp;everything&nbsp;has&nbsp;a&nbsp;place&nbsp;and&nbsp;I&nbsp;have&nbsp;enough&nbsp;cabinets&nbsp;for&nbsp;storage.&nbsp;I&nbsp;are&nbsp;more&nbsp;getting&nbsp;more&nbsp;a&nbsp;nice&nbsp;method&nbsp;to&nbsp; nbsp;to&nbsp;store&nbsp;products&nbsp;and&nbsp; to&nbsp;package into&nbsp;packages.&nbsp;So&nbsp;fun&nbsp;to&nbsp;always&nbsp;make&nbsp;beautiful&nbsp;presents from them!&nbsp;</p>

<p>Sometimes I sit in my office daydreaming and I'm so grateful to see how Splendith is growing, thanks to you! I have to pinch myself to see if it's all real! But, again, there are many nice new things on the way.Haha, this comment is becoming cliché, so happy for that! Still have a few empty shelves now ;).&nbsp;</p>

<p>Oh and what's perfect about this workspace: I can walk straight into the garden! Oh and yes, I actually always have one of those 'flower shops' ^^ --&gt; perks of the job :). Enjoy the tour!</p>

<p>Posters: Make your own Magic: @franwiththepen) Peony: Inkylines&nbsp; - Pencil box: Sissyboy&nbsp;-&nbsp;&nbsp;Wooden shelving units: IVAR, IKEA, Desks: IKEA.&nbsp;</p>

<p><img alt="" src=" " /></p>

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<p><img alt="" src=" " /><img alt="" src=" " /><img alt="" src=" .jpg" style="font-size:13px" /><img alt="" src="" style=" font-size:13px" />​I always enjoy looking inside people and companies!&nbsp;I'm curious&nbsp;what you think of 'The Office'! Will you let us know in the comments?</p>


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