Bleed Proof White Dr. Ph. Martins

Dr. Ph. Martins
I-30-D02 Bleed Proof White
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Dr. Bleed Proof White Ph. Martins is a beautifully opaque white ink. The ink is often used for calligraphy because it...

Dr. Bleed Proof White Ph. Martins is a beautifully opaque white ink. The ink is often used for calligraphy because it works so well with a calligraphy pen. Bleed Proof White is officially a watercolor. It was once designed as a correction fluid. It is the most popular white, matte, calligraphy ink and not without reason! The ink is opaque white and suitable for thin hairlines. Have you drawn lines with a pencil? Then you can easily erase them without smearing the ink.


Why is this ink used so often? 

An opaque white ink is not that easy to find, and especially one that is bleed proof. This means that this white ink can be used on almost all types of paper. For example, regular white ink would 'bleed' on kraft cardboard, which means that the ink will be sucked all the way into the paper. Bleed Proof lays nicely on the paper.

You can also use Bleed Proof White as a paint, which makes it suitable for brush lettering. I also often see that the Bleedproof White is used for galaxy paintings. The only negative thing about Bleed Proof White is that the ink is not waterproof at all.

Tip for using Dr. Martins Bleed Proof White?

What you can see as a disadvantage: before use, you must dilute the paint with some water because the ink in the jar is too thick. Some people dilute the paint in the jar. I prefer not to do this because you need a different consistency for calligraphy, brush lettering, and painting. Are you going to use Bleed Proof for calligraphy? Then dilute the white ink slightly with distilled water, and you will soon have the right consistency for calligraphy. You can mix a small amount with a dinky dip and keep the regular consistency in the original jar.

You only need a little water when diluting; 1-5 drops is enough. You will notice whether the consistency is right. If the paint does not leave the nib, add a little more water, and if the ink becomes transparent, you have used too much water. Then leave the jar open for a few hours so that the water can evaporate.

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Bleed Proof White Dr. Ph. Martins
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