Brause 511
Brause 511
The Brause 511 is a semi-flexible, fairly small, calligraphy nib. This calligraphy pen is perfect for smaller writing and fine lines.
Brause 513B
The Brause 513 produces fine hairlines, which makes it well suited for smaller writing. The Brause 313 is similar to the Gillott 303 calligraphy nib.These are the pen holders that I recommend for the Brause 513.
Brause Index nibs
I particularly like the Brause Index nib for its shape. Perhaps you can tell by the writing that the nib is not flexible at all. Therefore you just keep a thin line. Suitable nib holders: all straight pen holders and Nikko...
Brause Rose
The Brause Rose nib is not only a stunning pen but also ensures beautiful results! Nice thick upstrokes but also thick downstrokes. You need some practice with this pen before you can write with it. In the beginning, you will...
Brause Steno Calligraphy Nib
The Brause Steno is a lovely, sturdy, and semi-flexible calligraphy nib. It is excellent for beginners. The nib is also suitable for writing on structured paper. Suitable nib holders: all straight pen holders and Nikko G Oblique holders. Price per...
Ergonomic nib holder Brause
With this nice ergonomic nib holder, you have very nice control over the pen when writing. Your fingers stay in the right position when writing through the recess in the wood. It's nice that your fingers don't automatically move while...
Brause 66EF
The Brause EF66 is a flexible calligraphy nib. It is very sensitive to the pressure that you apply to the pen. With the correct pressure on the pen you get very thin upstrokes and wide downstrokes. The nib is used for...
Nibhouder grip van kurk
A perfect basic for your calligraphy collection! This handy pen holder has a soft cork grip. Ideal for comfortable calligraphy.
Pen holder wood
Stylish pen holders for a great price. You can adjust the nib holder so that your nib fits properly through the metal opening. Choose your calligraphy pen holder in light, medium, or dark wood.
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