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Pen holder Tachikawa
These Tachikawa nib holders are from the same makers as the Nikko G nibs: Tachikawa. This brand delivers beautiful quality for nibs and nib holders. These pen holders have a fine plastic grip and are suitable for multiple types of nibs....
Tachikawa G
The calligraphy nib Tachikawa G Nib has similar properties to the Nikko G and the Zebra G. The nib is very well suited for modern calligraphy. He was originally designed for drawing Comics. With these nibs you can make thin...
Tachikawa No 600
This Tachikawa No 600 performs similar to the G nibs when it comes to applying pressure. The Tachikawa No 600 is semi flexible to sturdy. I recommend the Tachikawa pen holders for this calligraphy pen.
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Tachikawa pen holder blue grip
This blue Tachikawa pen holder is slightly larger (slightly thicker and longer) than the pink and white Tachikawa holder. A nice grip if you have larger hands. The attachment point of the nibs is made of plastic. Two different sizes...
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Tachikawa pen holder naturel
This pen holder is suitable for all nibs / nibs from Tachikawa and Nikko such as the Nikko or school pen. The holder itself is made of a nice quality wood and has a plastic attachment point so you will...
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Tachikawa Schoolpen
This sturdy nib is suitable for heavy writing! Price per nib.
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