International shipping

The last few days I received quite a lot of requests for international shipments. Yes it is possible to order from countries outside of the Netherlands or Belgium! On this page I will explain you how. Unfortunately the website is not multilanguage yet, but I can tell you: an English site is on the way! I am looking forward offering you a website in English and maybe even other languages, but for now it is only in Dutch.  

How to shop

If you order is above the free shipping amount, you can select that the order will go to the Netherlands. You can fill in the order in my webshop and pay following the website. Then your order will be free of shipping charges. I will take care your order will go to the right destination.

If your order is below the free shipping amount you can fill your shopping basket and email me when you are ready ( Then I will send you the right payment link + order confirmation by email. Within this confirmation and payment link the shipping costs are calculated. Your order is confirmed as soon as the order is payed. 

Of course you can also send me your order in an email if this makes it easier for you!

Shipping costs

Austria: €16,95 (free above €250,-)
Belgium: €6,95 (free above €100,-)
Bulgary: €31,-
Croatia: €22,80
Denmark: €16,95 (free above €250,-)
Estland: €27,95
Germany: €10,95 (free above €200,-)
France: €16,95 (free above €250,-)
Finland: €19,95
Greece: €31,95
Hungary: €23,30
Luxemburg: €12,10
Lithouania: €27,-
Malta: €22,79
Ireland: €19,95
Italy: €17,85 (free above €250,-)
Poland: €23,95
Portugal: €21,75
Romenia: €25,-
Slovenia: €23,95
Spain: €18,75
Slowakia: €19,95
Sweden: €21,-
Cjech: €19,95
UK: €14,95 (free above €200,-)

A few tips

Using the browser Google Chrome can help you translate the website. Of course the translation will not be the best, but probably better than Dutch ;).

All prices on the website are VAT included. Are you a business owner? Let me know, I can send you an invoice with shifted VAT.

Need any help?

Hopefully this is helpful, please let me know if you have any questions. I can imagine it is hard to make the order on a dutch website, so I would be happy to help.