Holbein Kleurpotloden set 12 Basic Tone Holbein coloring pencil set 12 Basic Tone

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Deze set bevat Holbein Kleurpotloden in de Basic Tone range.

Holbein Artist' kleurpotloden worden gemaakt van zorgvuldig geselecteerde fijne pigmenten. Het potlood is een zacht olie kleurpotlood. Daarom is het aangepast om te voldoen aan de hoge eisen van kunstenaars. Je kan snel meerdere lagen schilderen zonder je hand te vervuilen. 

De potloden zijn goed lichtvast en op elk potlood wordt de mate aangegeven. Het midden van de kleurpotloden heeft een diameter van 3,8mm, het potlood heeft zelf een diameter van 7,8mm. 

Meer info volgt nog.

This set contains Holbein coloring pencils in the Basic Tone range.

The core of a Holbein pencil is made of a mix of pigments, wax, oil and fats. This unique composition provides coloring pencils with great qualities. A Holbein pencil is creamy, but not too soft or hard. In terms of hardness, the pencils are just in between the Polychromos and Prisma pencils. The pigment in the pencils is beautiful and powerful, even in the softer pastel colors. They color wonderfully on paper and blend well. You can also use a Holbein pencil in combination with other coloring pencils. Note: due to the unique Holbein composition, they do not blend well with other brands.

The pencils are well lightfast and the degree is indicated on each pencil. The center of the colored pencils has a diameter of 3.8 mm, the pencil itself has a diameter of 7.8 mm.

More info will follow.

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Holbein Kleurpotloden set 12 Basic Tone Holbein coloring pencil set 12 Basic Tone
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