The Blackwing products stand out due to their beautiful design. Fortunately, this brand offers more than just good looks. Especially the pencils are known for the quality of the wood and graphite. The fine design is of course a nice extra! All pencils are made from Californian cedar wood. This strong wood retains its fine scent for a long time. It sharpenes quickly and evenly, giving your pencil a smooth and sharp point. The premium Japanese graphite from Blackwing pencils is soft, dark and sharp and consists of a combination of graphite, wax and clay. The pencils are a bit longer than usual. This helps you to easily draw elegant lines.

Differences between the pencils

At Splendith, you will find three kinds of Blackwing pencils: 602, Pearl and Regular. The Blackwing 602 is the hardest pencil of the three and can be compared to 2B pencils. Pearl is a bit softer than a 3B pencil and is great for both writing and drawing. Last but not least: the Blackwing Regular, which is like a 4B pencil and very suitable for sketching and drawing.

Pencil sharpener for an extremely sharp point

Blackwing has created a special pencil sharpener that sharpens graphite seperately from the wood. With the special blades, you first sharpen the wood and then you sharpen the graphite in a super sharp point. That’s better for both your sharpener and your pencil! The pencil sharpener comes with two extra blades.

Inspired by Blackwing

A lot of legendary artwork is made with the Blackwing pencils. Do you know Bugs Bunny? This lovely character has been sketched with a Blackwing. The pencils are being made since 1930! Despite all the fans, the production of the pencils stopped when the machine stopped working. Fans started paying more than $40,- for one pencil and that’s why Palomino decided to bring back their incredible pencils. Blackwing 602 is the best duplicate of the original pencil and they also released a few other pencils.


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