Etchr sketchbooks

All Etchr sketchbooks are made with 100% cotton paper . This paper works best when you work wet-on-wet . They are beautifully bound and for most formats you can choose from both a portrait and landscape format. Or opt for an accordion sketchbook that you can pull out completely.

With the sketchbooks you can choose between hot and cold pressed. Hot pressed is smooth paper with a small structure. I think this is great paper for a sketchbook, because the paper is a bit smoother, you can also work very nicely with colored pencils or with a fineliner. My favorite is the B5 , this size is between an A4 and an A5.

You can also choose cold pressed 230gr or 300gr. The 230 gram paper is very nice to work on, and has a bit more structure than the hot pressed. This is also suitable for several materials, but is slightly 'rougher'. The 300 gram paper has the most structure, this is great paper if you really want to do watercolors in a sketchbook.

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