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'Flowersmith' by Jennifer Tran
Are you looking for a book full of beautiful, realistic flowers? Then this is the book for you! The book 'Flowersmith' is a lot more accessible than The Fine Art of Paper Flowers by Tiffanie Turner. In this book, Jennifer...
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'Exquisite Book for Paper Flowers' by Livia Cetti
'Exquisite book for paper flowers' by Livia Cetti. A Guide to making unbelievably realistic paper blooms. The cover never very much invited me to purchase the book. Now that Levia Cetti has also launched her new book, I thought: let's...
'Paper to Petal' by Thus & Patrick
A wonderful book, full of great ideas for paper crafts. The title already reveals the content: the book is full of ideas to make flowers with paper. It contains many different projects, items that you can make with materials you...
A Petal Unfolds by Susan Beech
Yes, een nieuw boek om papieren bloemen te maken. En dit keer door Susan, die prachtige bloemen maakt. Dit boek is fijn toegankelijk geschreven is makkelijk te volgen! Ideaal als je wil beginnen met het maken van papieren bloemen, maar...
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'The Exquisite Book of Paper Flowers Transformations' by Livia Cetti
'The Exquisite Book of Paper Flowers Transformations', is the newest book of Livia Cetti. Via The House That Lars Built, I came across this book, and I immediately thought: I want this too! The book is beautifully made with stunning...
'Uncommon Paper Flowers' by Kate Alarcon
Wow, what a cool book is Uncommon Paper Flowers. It's incredible how stylish the flowers of this book are. The book is candy for your eye, the beautiful photography and projects. When you have this book at home, you won't...
'The Fine Art of Paper Flowers' by Tiffanie Turner
'The Fine Art of Paper Flowers' is a beautiful book made by paper artist Tiffanie Turner. The flowers that Tiffany Turner made look almost real. Wow, wow, wow, it's a beautiful and inspiring book! Ps, have you never made paper flowers?...
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