Holbein kleurpotloden | Holbein coloring pencils

The Japanese brand Holbein is known for their professional quality materials. I'm so happy that their gorgeous coloring pencil are available at my shop!

Holbein coloring pencils contain a mix of pigments, wax, oil and fats. This unique composition creates coloring pencils with unique characteristics. The mixture for the round core is dried and then put in the pencil. A Holbein coloring pencil is officially called a soft oil pencil. The color of the pencils spreads easily, because the center of the pencil is soft. Holbein pencils are great for coloring large surfaces or small details. The pencils are very lightfast. The high-quality pigments do not fade quickly when exposed to light. The core of a Holbein pencil is quite thick (3.8 mm) and the complete pencil has a diameter of 7.8 mm. You can buy the pencils separately or in different sets.

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