Tombow is known for their award winning materials! Their products are high quality, very functional and have a unique design. The company started with the production of coloring pencils and is so populair that every student in Japan grew up with a Tombow pencil!

One of Tombow’s most important products are the ABT Dual Brush Pens, which are ideal for brushlettering. They even released 12 new colors for the first time in 29 years in 2018! Another huge favorite are the Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens that are available in bright colors, as well as black. The brush tip of the Fudenosuke is smaller than the ABT Dual Brush Pen and is very suitable for small writing in your bullet journal. The TwinTone Dual Tip Markers have a thick felt tip side and a fineliner side. These are great for handlettering and journaling!

Do you like to drawing or sketching and do you sometimes experience that your eraser erases more than you’d like? Then you should definitely try the Tombow Mono Zero Round tip! This eraser looks like a mechanical pencil and is perfect to erase small mistakes.

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