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Sustainability at Splendith

by Judith Joosten 18 Jan 2023

No pretentious blog about how well we are doing. That's why our supervisor Sunny is in the photo 😉. He keeps a close eye on us. Okay, back on topic. We sometimes receive a comment with an order asking whether we want to use as little plastic as possible. That's why it's a good time to share the things we try to contribute.

  1. Never new plastic packaging material

We never buy plastic packaging material, and haven't for over three years now. No bubble wrap and no filling material. We have recently also changed our narrow adhesive tape, this is the only plastic we still use.

The only plastic packaging material you will encounter in your order is recycled from packaging by our suppliers.

Furthermore, all our 'new' cardboard is made from recycled cardboard. We also reuse as much of the packaging material and boxes we receive as possible.

  1. No sets or materials with too much plastic packaging

You know the sets, everything is wrapped in thick plastic so that it hangs nicely in the store. Use once and then it is still difficult to unpack. For us, this is an important reason not to purchase the product. It is unavoidable that products are wrapped in plastic. Fortunately, many suppliers are updating their packaging. That makes us happy! :)

  1. The smallest possible boxes

With smaller boxes, we don't have to use up unnecessary space in transport. By leaving as little air as possible in boxes, fewer trucks and vans simply have to travel on the road. There are exceptions for special sizes, the materials must of course arrive intact ;).

  1. Only ship within the EU

We often receive requests to ship to countries outside the EU. We deliberately do not do this. We are unique in Europe because we sell many products that are difficult to obtain in Europe. It would be a shame, for example, to import a product from the US to the Netherlands, and then send it back to the US.

5. No free returns and higher shipping costs for orders under €10.

Of course we also understand that free returns are very useful. And also makes it easier to order. To create a threshold, we will make you pay for a return. We try to prevent unnecessary returns.

Also, ordering something from us for less than €10 is expensive in terms of shipping costs. Even if something fits through the letterbox, we pay shipping costs, transaction costs and packaging materials. So it's a waste of resources if it doesn't yield anything. This is also the reason why we do not participate in the 'race to the bottom' with our sales prices.

    Sustainability remains a process that we continue to work on continuously. So we will naturally continue to make improvements. We don't all do it well, but we certainly do our best! :)


    Paul & Judith

    And greetings from our chief lazyness 🐶

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