Embroidery hoops

An embroidery hoop is indispensable when you start embroidering. The framework ensures that you can stretch the fabric nicely. These embroidery frames are all of nice quality and all have a great price/quality ratio.

Bamboo embroidery hoops are sturdy and available in many different sizes. These rings are slightly higher, so there is more contact with the embroidery fabric. This keeps your fabric firmly in place. That is very useful with embroidery. This keeps the fabric taut in the ring.

Beech embroidery hoops are made of harder wood, retain their shape very well and last a long time. The closure is also made of beautiful gold-colored material: which is nice when hanging. The rings from Prym, Elbesee and our own brand are made of beech wood.

Are you going to make an embroidery and do you want to hang it in the ring? Then choose a ring that matches the pattern. Are you going to make a larger pattern, but not hang it in the ring? Then you can also opt for a smaller embroidery hoop that you move several times.

Learn here how to stretch the fabric in the frame.

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