Paper flowers

Splendith is the place to be for all your Do It Yourself materials. Are you looking for the right materials to make your own paper flowers? We got you covered with all kinds of special materials. We have stamens, many different colors of paper, as well as Gloria Doublette and Florist crepe paper to make beautiful flowers. We also have complete DIY packages that contain all the materials you need, including a detailed how to-guide.

We also have some great tools for making your own paper flowers. For example, the perfect little pair of scissors for €4,95. The combination pliers are also very useful! To make sure you can get started with all the right materials, we also sell tape, glue and inspiring books about paper flowers.

How to make your own paper flower

Are you looking for inspiration to make your own paper flowers? I’ve made several tutorials (both written and video) about it: Paper flowers as Christmas decoration, Juliet rose from paper, How to make a paper peony, Making paper flowers: Dahlia and the very first video: DIY crepe paper Peony. In the blogposts, I show you step by step how to make a beautiful paper flower.