Are you looking for pretty ink that you can use for calligraphy or painting? I have selected a lot of different brands that I know you’re gonna fall in love with. They are high quality and come in various colors that you just can’t keep your eyes off.

If you just want a basic, opaque black calligraphy ink, Sumi ink will be your match made in heaven. If you want to spice things up with pretty colors, you can go for Ziller, Ecoline, Finetec, Winsor & Newton Drawing ink or one of the inks from Dr. Ph. Martin’s.

Acrylic ink is also great for painting. At Splendith, we sell Ziller ink and two types of Dr. Ph. Martin’s ink: Idirescent calligraphy colors and Bombay.

Ziller containts a lot of pigment, which makes for great opacity. The light colors will definitely show up well on dark paper! They’re pH-balanced, lightfast and waterproof.

The Dr. Ph. Martin’s Iridescent calligraphy colors reflect light beautifully. The ink is lightfast, waterproof, archivable and permanent. The effect on dark surfaces is amazing! Use a calligraphy pen or a brush and create something on paper, wood, metal or certain kinds of plastic.

Who can resist the vivid colors of the Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bombay India ink? This non clogging ink is slightly transparent (except for black and white), waterproof, smudgeproof and also suitable for watercolor techniques. Just don’t forget to clean your paint brush thoroughly after painting!

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