Princeton has several ranges of paint brushes. At Splendith, you will find the following series: Neptune, Heritage, Velvet Touch, Mini Detailer and Select. Having a hard time choosing the right brushes? Most of the brushes are also available in sets!

Differences between the paint brushes

In short: Neptune and Heritage are both watercolor brushes. The Heritage series is a great replacement for the traditional Kolinsky Sable brushes with animal hair. The Select and Velvet Touch brushes are both suitable for mixed media. This means that you can use them with acrylic, oil and watercolor paint. The Velvet Touch brushes have a nice soft handle and are more luxurious. The Select brushes have a good value for your money: an ideal series to start with.

About Princeton

About 25 years ago, Howard Kaufman started a small business in paint brushes. His goal is to bring innovation into the traditional world of brushes. Some brands have only started developing synthetic brushes recently, while Princeton has been working on the brush of the future since the company was founded. Howard joined forces with the Japanese Naohide Takamoto, a master brush maker. Together they developed, among other things, the well-known Taklon synthetic hairs.