Oblique Pen houder
Are you looking for a low-budget Oblique penholder? Then this pen holder is suitable for you! It is a plastic pen holder. Please note that not all nibs fit in this pen holder. It is a plastic opening, so not...
Pen Holder glossy black
This is a pen holder that you cannot miss in your collection: a pen holder with a cork grip. The cork grip makes it very comfortable to do calligraphy with this pen holder.
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Oblique Pen houder Nikko G
This nib holder is made using the standard Speedball Nib Holder as a basis. It becomes an Oblique holder through the brass flange that is manually added to the nib. The nib holder offers a nice relaxed grip. The flange...
€19.95 €12.95
Pen holder wood
Stylish pen holders for a great price. You can adjust the nib holder so that your nib fits properly through the metal opening. Choose your calligraphy pen holder in light, medium, or dark wood.
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Pen holder Tachikawa
These Tachikawa nib holders are from the same makers as the Nikko G nibs: Tachikawa. This brand delivers beautiful quality for nibs and nib holders. These pen holders have a fine plastic grip and are suitable for multiple types of nibs....
Oblique pen holder classic
This wooden oblique pen holder has a beautiful decoration and looks super graceful on your desk. The brass flange ensures that you can write at a good angle. The flange is adaptable for different nibs. Once the nib is in...
€19.95 €16.95
Colored pen holders
These colored pen holders make your workspace even more beautiful. The calligraphy pen holders are of excellent quality and have a nice grip. You can choose between a turquoise, black, pink, and a blue pen holder. All pen holders have a glossy finish....
Pen Holder natural wood
This remains one of my favorite pen holders! The pen is unvarnished and made of light wood. It is a nice minimalist pen holder, nice and basic. And which is also nice; the price. I still want to try to customize this...
Marble penhouder
Love these colored marble pen holders for your calligraphy pens! The pen holder has a nice grip and a metal 'opening'. With this method of attaching you can attach almost all nibs to this pen holder.All pens are finished with a glossy...
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Oblique Pen holder Rosé
This rosé oblique pen holder has a nice grip that is slightly thicker. With a thicker grip, you hold the pen holder relaxed and you will not get a cramped posture sooner. Why do you use an oblique pen holder?The...
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Tachikawa pen holder blue grip
This blue Tachikawa pen holder is slightly larger (slightly thicker and longer) than the pink and white Tachikawa holder. A nice grip if you have larger hands. The attachment point of the nibs is made of plastic. Two different sizes...
Pen Houder
Pen Houder
Deze low-budget penhouder is ideaal voor je moderne kalligrafie projecten. Je schuift de nibjes in de opening van de penhouder en duwt hem zachtjes aan, zodat hij goed blijft zitten. Dan is je kalligrafiepen klaar voor gebruik!
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Tachikawa pen holder naturel
This pen holder is suitable for all nibs / nibs from Tachikawa and Nikko such as the Nikko or school pen. The holder itself is made of a nice quality wood and has a plastic attachment point so you will...
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Oblique pen holder G nibs
This oblique pen holder is chic and has a somewhat thicker grip. This ensures that you can have a more relaxed grip when writing with the holder. This pen holder is preformed for a Nikko G nib but also for...
Nibhouder grip van kurk
A perfect basic for your calligraphy collection! This handy pen holder has a soft cork grip. Ideal for comfortable calligraphy.
Oblique pen holder Nikko G
This is a sturdy oblique pen holder and made of heavier wood. You can change nib by removing the flange from the pin, which you can easily remove from the pin by sliding. The oblique pen has a somewhat thicker...
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Handmade Oblique pen holder
These handmade oblique pen holders are both a beautiful gem and fantastic in use. You can write much longer with a thicker calligraphy pen. Closing your hand less tightly around the pen helps you to hold the pen more relaxed. Also, the...
Nibhouder voor Mapping nibs
Nib holder for Mapping nibs. Mapping nibs need a special pen holder because of the round opening. This nib holder is suitable for nibs such as Hunt 102 Hunt 108 and the Gillott mapping nibs. Ps, the nibs are not...
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Ergonomic nib holder Brause
With this nice ergonomic nib holder, you have very nice control over the pen when writing. Your fingers stay in the right position when writing through the recess in the wood. It's nice that your fingers don't automatically move while...
Oblique Penholder Gold flakes
Oblique Penholder Gold flakes
Oblique Penhouder
Deze oblique penhouder is chique uitgevoerd en heeft een wat dikkere grip. Dit zorgt ervoor dat je een relaxtere grip kunt hebben wanneer je schrijft met de houder.  De penhouder is uitgevoerd in verschillende soorten hout. Deze penhouder is voorgevormd...
Handmade Oblique pen holder Black
These handmade oblique pen holders are both a beautiful gem and fantastic in use. You can write much longer with a thicker calligraphy pen. Closing your hand less tightly around the pen helps you to hold the pen more relaxed....
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