Florist Crepe paper 180gr 576/9 Nuance Orange Yellow

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This crepe paper will surprise you! I absolutely love this Italian paper. It is of beautiful quality and ideal for DIY projects such as making crepe paper flowers!

Extreme stretch
This crepe paper has a 260% stretch. This is rare; usually, crepe paper tears as soon as you start doing something with it. When making crepe paper flowers, you must have that stretch.

Crepe paper stays in shape
The stiffness of the paper ensures that the crepe paper stays in good shape. As soon as you stretch the paper, it becomes a little smoother, but it will stay in shape.

Good color intensity
The paper maintains a great color intensity during stretching. The color remains the same as soon as you start stretching it.

Don't wait to try it!


  • Color: 576/9 Nuance Orange Yellow
  • 260% stretch
  • Dimensions roll: 50x250cm
  • Weight: 144g / m2
  • The paper can give-off color when it gets in contact with water, moisture, acids, and fats
  • Not treated with fire retardants
  • The colors that you see on your screen may differ slightly from the actual color.
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Florist Crepe paper 180gr 576/9 Nuance Orange Yellow


Florist Crepe paper 180gr 576/9 Nuance Orange Yellow

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