Princeton Velvet Touch

Brushes from the Princeton Velvet Touch range contain a mix of luxurious synthetic hairs. Are you looking for brushes to use for different types of paint? Then this is the best quality mixed media brush for you!

Each brush consists of a blend of high-quality synthetic hair. The combination of these different hairs makes the brush suitable for use with acrylic, watercolor and oil paint. The Velvet range consists of traditional brush shapes, but also special shapes such as the long round brushes. The handle of a Velvet Touch brush is made of wood and has a soft finish. This feels really nice while painting!

Applications: (max 5 *)

Stiffness: ***
Acrylic: *****
Watercolor: ****
Oil paint: **

Fun fact

The Princeton Velvet Touch brush is a real technological masterpiece! Sound crazy, technology in a brush? However, a lot of development is needed to produce the best synthetic hair!

Princeton Velvet Touch

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