Stamp supplies

At Splendith, we have everything you need to make your own stamps. You can simply make your own stamps by carving a design out of a carving block with a carving tool. What’s left is the part that you wanna stamp with. There are various kinds of carving blocks available. Some are better for detailed designs, others are better for less complicated designs. It also depends on what you prefer. You will find all commonly used materials in our shop. In addition to the materials, we have put down their characteristics, so that you can decide which material suits you best.

How do you make stamps?

To help you get started, I have written several blog posts in which I explain step by step how you can make your own stamps. Before that I also wrote a blog post in which I show examples with the Factis Carving blocks. Those blocks are my favorite, because you don’t have to mount them. Have you not yet gained enough ideas? Then you can always read this blog.

What materials for making stamps do we have?

Linoleum is more difficult to carve in, because it’s a hard material. Speedball Speedy Carve is a super soft material into which you can easily carve your designs. You don’t have to mount the Speedy Carve, because it’s thicker. The Factis blocks (my personal favorite!) are the same quality as Speedy Carve, but a lot cheaper. Essdee Softcut is even softer, thinner and a little less flexible. I recommend mounting your stamp if you use Essdee Softcut!

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