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SCHOLARSHIPS // Creative Life 2019

by Judith Joosten 07 Feb 2019

I've spent so much time preparing for Creative LIfe! I recently created a script for the events I attend. Basically this is a checklist on which I can easily see which tasks I have to complete in which week before the fair. Ideal for preparing for the fairs. Of course, it is also nice not to have a mental breakdown of all the things that still need to be done two weeks prior to the fair. I could go on and on about all the things that just worked out last minute, haha. The anniversary of the tenth fair is getting close, so I'm getting better at preparing.

You have already been able to read a lot of things about Creative Life via Instagram. It took a while before everything was concrete, so here is the blog with all the things you can do at Splendith during Creative LIfe. Creative Life is a really cool fair from March 29-31. If you want to know more about the fair, or buy a ticket, please visit their website. In my opinion, Creative Life is certainly my favorite among all the events I have attended so far.

Besides the fact that there are fun workshops to follow, we also have a huge shop with a lot of help! Remember last year? At that time the stand was far too small for the amount of people. I had no idea it would be this busy. So this year we come extra prepared, with plenty of space and lots of help. We aim for no lines at the checkout and enough space to look at the items. 25m2 for just the shop, will it be enough? ;).

Bullet journaling workshop

You can use a bullet journal as a calendar, diary, to-do list, sketchbook, diary, etc. But how exactly does it work? And how do you create beautiful pages yourself in a short time?

Nienke from @letter.type first explains the theory behind bullet journaling. By starting with the basics, it becomes much easier to really get started (and stay) with your bujo! Then you can use nice examples to create such a beautiful spread in your bullet journal yourself.

Cost? 15 euros (incl. Rhodia notebook as a goodie + material during workshop)
To enrol? Yes
Times? (Sat and Sun) 11:30 am, 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm
Duration? 45 mins
More information and registration:

Drawing board

What if you could try everything in a candy store? This is your chance, during Creative Life you are welcome at the drawing board to try out all kinds of materials. Gouache, ink or watercolor, specific brush pens? It's all there. Take some time to try out materials.

There is room for 10 people per round. The drawing board is not a workshop, you will receive tips and tricks when using the materials. On Friday you will join Amber and on Sat & Sun you will join Nienke from @letter.type.

Cost? €5 (When you participate, you will receive a discount voucher for €5. You can redeem the discount voucher when you spend €50 or more, only during Creative Life 2019)
To enrol? No, you can register at the stand in the morning.
Times? Fri-Sat-Sun: 10.15am, 12.45pm
Duration? 30 minutes

Workshop Modern Calligraphy with Joyce from KIJK calligraphy

Joyce from KIJK calligraphy is giving workshops during Creative Life this year! During the workshop you will learn the basics of Modern Calligraphy. A unique opportunity to follow another workshop with Joyce because Joyce no longer gives workshops!

Ps. Have you ever followed a beginners workshop: but are you stuck? Joyce will take the time at the Splendith stand to answer your questions! Come along with your questions to the 'live troubleshoot' between 10am and 11am or 1pm and 2pm (Fri-Sun). And if you just want to have your name written beautifully, you know where to find us!

Cost? €15,-
To enrol? Yes, via email (
Times? 3:00 PM (Fri-Sat-Sun)
Duration? 45min

Live 'troubleshooting' with KIJK calligraphy

Have you started with modern calligraphy, but are you stuck? Are you having trouble holding the pen just right? Come by with your questions between 10am and 11am or 1pm and 2pm (Fri-Sun). Joyce takes the time to answer your questions! If you just want to have your name written beautifully, you know where to find us!

In any case, will you come by and have a look in the shop? I am really looking forward to it!

Until then!


Ps, I have done my best to arrange fun workshops for you! Is there just no workshop for you? Then take a look at the Creative Life website. There you will find all the workshops that you can follow during this year's event. There are many more great exhibitors so it is definitely recommended to take a look!

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