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FLORAL FRIDAY // Minimalist Christmas wreath DIY tutorial

by Judith Joosten 15 Dec 2017

Today I am posting the second DIY for Christmas: a DIY to make a Christmas wreath yourself. Minimalist Christmas wreath , I love it! So fun to make a new variation on the traditional Christmas wreath. I still think it's beautiful, by the way. But why buy something if you can make something unique yourself super easily? I couldn't find anything like it anywhere in the store, so of course I just started making it myself!

Supplies needed for the Minimalist Christmas wreath:

  • Round brass profile 1mx0.6cm (something like this ) They have these pipes at every hardware store.
  • A bucket
  • Strong tape, such as gaffer or duck tape
  • Flower wire
  • Green and possibly flowers (I used: various pine branches, olive branches, red berries and fine eucalyptus, the white flowers are Eustoma)
  • Pruning shears​
  • Possibly rope

This is how you make the Christmas wreath
I couldn't find a nice gold circle anywhere, so I decided to make it myself. The round brass profile is now a straight tube, which you can bend nice and round using a bucket. Bend the profile around it carefully so that you get a nice curve. Always bend a small part of the profile. Once you have bent the profile sufficiently, you can tape the ends together with Gaffer tape. Then I stuck some green floral tape over it, but of course you don't have to do that. This was just to mask the black.

Then I cut all the branches into smaller branches. Tie the twigs around the profile with floral wire or thin iron wire. Of course you can do this entirely to your own taste!

The best option is to hang the wreath on a nail on the wall. Maybe just in the place where you would normally have a list hanging? Otherwise you can use a rope to hang the Christmas wreath.

This is how you make that minimalist Christmas wreath! I always have a bit of trouble keeping it minimalist, so I immediately made three ;).

I hope you like it <3


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