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HOW DO YOU USE // gouache?

by Judith Joosten 19 Jan 2018

In addition to my blog from last week, today an explanation about the use of Gouache. Because how do you actually use gouache? In a previous blog about gouache I explained in detail what exactly gouache is, so if you are curious, please read it again. Very briefly summarized: gouache is an opaque watercolor. Now on to what this blog is about! First the essentials you need:

What do you need to use gouache?
To get started you need watercolor paper, brushes (watercolor brushes for example), two cups or glasses of water to clean your brushes in and of course the paint itself.

This is how you use gouache
You use a small amount of gouache on your palette and add a very small amount of water so that the paint gets a nice flowing structure for painting. The more water you add to the paint, the lighter and more transparent the paint becomes. Do not add too much water at once, but just a little at a time so that you have more control over the paint.

You can use gouache for projects where you paint from light to dark and from dark to light.

Drying of the paint
Gouache dries very quickly. So you don't have to wait very long before painting a new layer. Often when you have just finished painting on one side, the other half is already dry. The paint on your palette naturally dries quickly, but don't worry: gouache can simply be rewet, both on your paper and, for example, on your palette.

When using Gouache it is important to know that the color of the paint changes slightly as it dries. Light colors dry slightly darker and dark colors slightly lighter. You should keep this in mind if you try to mix extra of the same color.

Mix and blend different colors
Different colors of gouache mix easily with each other on the palette. Of course, this is easier to do on your palette than on paper.

You can blend different colors of gouache by painting the colors next to each other and thereby mixing the colors together. You can also paint the new color on top of the other color and mix the paint this way. The last method is more difficult when the paint has dried on the paper.

Of course there are all kinds of tips on how to use gouache, but remember: there is no wrong way. Experiment with Gouache so you find the best way that suits you.

& you know it: let me know if you have any questions! <3.


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