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CALLIGRAPHY // The pen holder

by Judith Joosten 08 Mar 2018

Those who have read the newsletter already know this: you can expect two to three new articles per week this month (on the blog). I really enjoy sharing beautiful materials and my knowledge about them! It remains difficult to combine creating nice blogs with the shop. But with some planning, we can make it happen this month. This blog is the first of a whole series of calligraphy blogs. In the coming months, a blog will be online every week in which you will learn more about calligraphy. In this blog I will tell you more about pen holders. You've probably noticed that there are two different types of pen holders. straight pen holders but also Oblique pen holders. Yup, those are the ones with the funny add-on hook on them.

Which pen holder is best suited for a beginner?
I see everyone recommending something different to start with, so I imagine it can be confusing to choose between these recommendations. The reason everyone recommends something different is because a pen holder is very personal. Everyone writes in a different way.

Before you can start testing nibs, you need a nib holder/pen holder. You have nib holders in many different price ranges. Of course, you don't have to immediately buy the most expensive one. If you are going to start, you can possibly buy this straight pen and a Speedball Oblique holder. Then you can decide for yourself which pen holder is best. The oblique pen holder helps you write at a good angle, so you don't have to focus on it so much in the beginning. A straight pen holder helps you get the basics under control.

What is the difference between an oblique and a straight pen holder?
The difference in the pen holders is in the angle the pen is positioned towards the paper. Traditional forms of calligraphy are written at an angle of 35 degrees, also called cursive. An oblique holder has been specially optimized for this. In modern calligraphy there is no desired angle. So the choice of a nib holder comes down to what works best for you and at what angle you want to write.

This also applies to the nib holders, try a few out to see what works best for you. Questions you can ask:

Can you hold this pen for a long time?
Do I want a thin grip or a slightly wider grip?
Does this pen have a nice weight?

You can shop for pen holders here .

Please let me know if you have any questions <3.


PS: in the next calligraphy blog I will tell you how to properly attach a nib to the pen holder.

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