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DIY CHRISTMAS // Make your own Christmas baubles

by Judith Joosten 13 Dec 2016

Yes, DIY Christmas baubles makes your tree a lot more personal. I made these baubles for our Christmas tree! You can easily make them yourself with this tutorial. You can order the materials in the shop!

DIY materials for making 3 Christmas baubles:

See this page for all materials

DIY Tutorial: Making Christmas Ornaments

  • The first step is to decorate the wooden bead/ball. I did it with beautiful letters, but above all use your imagination and decorate your wooden bead the way you like.
  • Then cut 2 pieces of cotton cord of approximately 15 and 30 centimeters. You'll need this just now.
  • Wrap the rest of the cotton cord around your fingers about 10 times. Not too tight of course, because you still need your fingers^^. Make sure that both ends of your cord come out at the bottom and that all 'rounds' are the same length.
  • You tie the 30 centimeter cotton cord through the rounds. Make sure you leave about 6 inches on both sides.
  • Then take the 15 centimeter piece of cord and twist it around the top 2 or 3 times and tie it. Cut off the rest, you will lose some cotton cord, but otherwise you will be fiddling around.
  • Now that everything is secured, you can cut the bottom loose, cut the bottom nice and straight.
  • Then loosen the cotton cord so that you get a nice tassel.
  • Pull the long cords through the wooden bead.

There it is! :)

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