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PERSONAL // To the Pluktuin!

by Judith Joosten 08 Sep 2017

Floral Friday! A new section on the blog, a few times a month a blog about flowers (real or paper ;)) In case you don't know it yet, which is quite impossible: I love flowers! It is a dream to one day have a beautiful flower garden. Every time I think at the end of June; Oh why didn't I start this sooner. I live in an apartment myself, but my in-laws have a huge garden! Enough space to grow some flowers, but I always start too late. Because growing flowers requires a lot of attention. And of course I want to grow the plants and flowers myself. Yes, right diehard! ;).

Until then, I really enjoy visiting the picking garden in Haalderen ! The owner Marion is a very enthusiastic woman and has a beautiful lush picking garden. The paths are narrow and the garden is like a large field of flowers. By the way, I simply found the picking garden by Googling Maps. You will find picking gardens throughout the Netherlands! Due to the limited opening hours, I haven't been there as often as I would like. It's just a wonderful place to walk around. Which is also very nice by the way; the benefits and not the burdens. Because a flower garden does require the necessary maintenance. Take a look at the nice pictures!

By the way, these were the flowers I picked during my visit to the picking garden!

And that (modest) own picking garden is something that will really happen next year. This year I purchased the book Floret Flowers (Cut Flower Garden). In the meantime, I have been busy making lists of flowers that I want to grow, what to buy and when, etc. Super fun! And hopefully I'll get some nice books for my birthday <3 Because it's my birthday again on Monday! Exciting.


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