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Offline shopping at Splendith

by Judith Joosten 21 Oct 2019

Autumn is already in full swing, and that is clearly noticeable when you are walking the dog through a heavy downpour ;). It was quite strange not going to Paper Passion this year and it will be the same for Kreadoe in a moment. Of course it is also a lot of fun to be at these events. But I'm also happy not to have all the preparations this year, with all the stress that comes with it. It's just a bit too much to do alone, so hopefully I'll be there again next year and I won't have to do it on my own anymore.

It remains a pleasure to speak to you and get to know faces by names! That's why you can come shop in my office 3 times in the fall :). It's not super big here, but you can see everything in real life! So are you curious what my office looks like and do you just want to shop for great materials offline? Then come and visit us :)

Come shop offline on these dates!

Saturday: November 23 10am-1pm

Wednesday: December 11, 10am - 1pm

Saturday: December 14 10am-1pm

Because I only have limited space and parking, would you like to indicate on the event page whether you are coming? Then I know approximately what we can count on.

Practical information

My office is easy to reach by car and you can park in front of the door 😊.

The visiting address is: 't Vlot 22 Arnhem.
You will see the logo on Saturday, so you know you have come to the right place. 't Vlot is a dead end street, if you drive through the oak lane, you are in the right street  . There is a chance that you have to enter 'Het Vlot 22, Arnhem' on the navigation.

Preferably park the car in the yard, there is room for about six cars. When you arrive, you will see the Splendith logo. I have no idea how busy it will be, if the yard is full, you can possibly park on the roadside.

Are you coming by public transport?
If you come by train, you unfortunately have to walk quite a bit (20 minutes). Travel to Arnhem-Zuid station and then walk to 't Vlot 22.

Until then!



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