Princeton Heritage set 2 6 16
A special set with the three popular sizes of Heritage brushes; size 2, 6 and 16. The value of the set is purchased separately (€ 51.65). The Princeton Heritage 4050 Series Synthetic Sable brushes is one of the most famous...
Winsor & Newton Cotman Set 24
€59.95 €54.95
Winsor & Newton Cotman Set 24
Cotman is the study quality watercolor paint from Winsor and Newton but comes very close to Artist Quality. The watercolor paint has been developed by the same makers as those who developed the Professional Watercolor. W&N has replaced some of...
€59.95 €54.95
Legion Stonehenge Coldpress 22,7x30,5
The Legion Stonehenge watercolor paper works above average and has a great price. The paper can withstand a lot of water and dries nice and smooth. Watercolors are of course not just about beautiful paint. Paper is also very important...
€26.95 €23.95
Arches Cold Pressed A4
Arches Watercolor Cold Pressed is a classic and widely used paper for watercolor. The paper is made from cotton fibers and weighs 300 grams. That is comparable to a postcard. Cotton absorbs moisture well, and the thicker the paper, the...
Canson XL Aquarelle A4
>Student quality
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