Dinky Dip Small
A Dinky Dip is the ideal work station when you work with ink. It has two slots for brushes, as well as pen holders to temporarily rest your tools. The ink jars fit nicely into the wood; it keeps your ink bottle...
Arches Cold Pressed A5
Arches Watercolor Cold Pressed is a classic and widely used paper for watercolor. The paper is made from cotton fibers and weighs 300 grams. That is comparable to a postcard. Cotton absorbs moisture well, and the thicker the paper, the...
Sold Out
Factis Carving Block 9x7cm
>30x30 € 16.95
Prima Water Color Confections 'Tropical'
The Prima watercolor confections are high-quality, lightfast, and well-pigmented watercolor palettes. 12 colors are firmly attached to each metal can. Ideal for the artist who often travels! Prima selected fine, select colors for each palette. Which is your favorite? You...
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