NUUNA is right: ‘The end of boring notebooks’ is near! Your notebooks hold all your ideas, so you need a matching notebook that gives you enough space to let your imagination run wild.

NUUNA notebooks contain premium Swedish quality paper. The 120 grams Munken fine paper comes from the ‘Valley of the Munks’ in Sweden. Every page is white, smooth and incredible to write on. The dotted paper is great for bullet journaling. Important note: the NUUNA dots are 3 mm apart. In most journals, the distance between dots is 5 mm.

The pages are bound in a leather cover. Thanks to qualitative binding techniques, the pages of your book will always lay nice and flat. The covers of NUUNA books are real works of art. They are screen printed, which creates intense colors. The sides of the pages are also colored. A NUUNA notebook is a beautiful object to look at from all sides.

Also great: the NUUNA books only contain materials from Europe and are eco-friendly produced in Germany.


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