Colored pen holders
These colored pen holders make your workspace even more beautiful. The calligraphy pen holders are of excellent quality and have a nice grip. You can choose between a turquoise, black, pink, and a blue pen holder. All pen holders have a glossy finish....
Hiro Leonardt 41 / Crown pen
The Hiro Leonardt 41 is a very flexible nib. It is also regularly referred to as the crown pen. Crown Pen The crown pen is made of steel and has a crown-shaped widening, where this nib got its name. You...
Leonardt 111EF
Leonardt IIIEF is not a flexible pen, but nice to write, for example, minimalist manuscripts.Suitable nib holders: all straight pen holders, and Nikko G Oblique holders(price per nib)
Leonardt 30
Calligraphy nib Leonardt 30 is a nice sturdy nib, but it is flexible. Nice nib to write with, also as a beginner.Suitable nib holders: all straight pen holders, and Nikko G Oblique holdersPrice per nib.
Leonardt 300
Leonardt 300 is actually a ballpoint nib, you can see that at the point that bends slightly at the end. Not a big difference between up and down strokes.Suitable nib holders: all straight pen holders, and Nikko G Oblique holders(price...
Leonardt General
A must try! When I tried out this pen on smooth paper, I thought: what should I do with this !? No ink came from the nib at all. I had almost given up until I tried different paper. The...
Leonardt Principal
Leonardt Principal is a flexible nib and very popular among calligraphers. A sharp point for very fine lines and a nice contrast to the thick lines. Suitable nib holders: all pen holders with flexible metal attachment
Marble penhouder
Love these colored marble pen holders for your calligraphy pens! The pen holder has a nice grip and a metal 'opening'. With this method of attaching you can attach almost all nibs to this pen holder.All pens are finished with a glossy...
Pen Holder natural wood
This remains one of my favorite pen holders! The pen is unvarnished and made of light wood. It is a nice minimalist pen holder, nice and basic. And which is also nice; the price. I still want to try to customize this...
Pen Holder glossy black
This is a pen holder that you cannot miss in your collection: a pen holder with a cork grip. The cork grip makes it very comfortable to do calligraphy with this pen holder.
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