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At the shop, you will find the beautiful wax and wax seals from Stamptitude. Make your (handmade) cards and invitations even more personal with these great materials! Beautiful, modern designs adorn the seals from Stamptitude. This company likes to collaborate with talented calligraphers to develop the seals. The waxes come in different colors and have a luxurious look. Choose your favorite wax and seal and get started!

Origin of wax seals

Documents used to be sealed as a guarantee that the document could not have been opened and read before. The design of the stamp told something about the sender. The seals were made by professionals and can be considered as a real craft!

Nowadays, we mainly use wax seals as a luxurious decoration for personal cards and invitations. The good things in life take some time. That is why the materials for wax seals match the shop perfectly!

About Stamptitude

Stamptitude is one of the first companies to market wax seals in a modern way. The family behind the company was tired of ordering materials from non-inspiring parties. It was time to renew the market! The perfect impression of a beautiful quality stamp is what makes the people at Stamptitude happy. A small detail can have the greatest impact.

Premium seal wax Stamptitude
Premium seal wax Stamptitude

Premium seal wax Stamptitude

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