Sealing wax

Sealing wax is used together with a wax seal stamp. Melt a little wax in a (special) spoon above a candle, pour a bit on your project and carefully press your favorite stamp into the wax. A wax seal will make your cards and invitations even prettier and more personal! Doesn’t such detail look great on your cards and letters?

Stylish colors

Stamptitude has an eye for stylish colors. Which one fits best with your design? You can choose between regular sealing wax and Premium sealing wax. The regular wax has a glossy finish, the Premium wax colors are matt with a slight sparkle.

Flexible material

Every stick is made of flexibel wax. Therefore, your seal won’t break or crumble. This is very important when you’re sending invitations.

Tip: the sticks are deliberately executed without a wick. Never keep the wax directly in the flame! This way, you prevent your seal from showing black soot pots. You can melt the wax on a spoon, or use the melting kit from Stamptitude. View the complete tutorial here.

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