Linoleum for stamps

140300 Linoleum bruin 3.2mm dik 105x148mm
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Linoleum is used by professional print makers. It is more difficult to cut in Linoleum than, for example, Speedbal...
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Linoleum is used by professional print makers. It is more difficult to cut in Linoleum than, for example, Speedball Speedy-Carve and it bounces less. The structure of Linoleum also gives a small structure in your print. Due to the stiffness of linoleum you can also carve more precisely. I advise you to reinforce the material with wood or with plastic, because they are not strong enough to use on their own. The linoleum is available in 2 different thicknesses, 3.2 mm and 4.5 mm.

The following sizes are available in the shop:

  • 3.2mm 105x148mm -> € 1.95
  • 3.2mm 148x210mm -> € 2.95
  • 4.5mm 105x148mm -> € 2.25
  • 4.5mm 148x210mm -> € 3.95

What do you use Linoleum for?

Use linoleum to make your own stamps. You use the handmade stamps for customizing your stationery, gifts: whatever you can think of!

How do you use Linoleum?

1. First you shop for all materials for making stamps. In addition to this carving block, you need tools and ink pads.

2. Make a drawing on your carving block for your stamp (in mirror image), make a different stamp for each color ink you want to use.

You can also use 'transfer foil' instead of a drawing. Do you still have a sticker sheet somewhere? Remove the stickers here, then you will have a kind of plastic sheet. Place this with the right side in the printer, so that you can print on the shiny side/plastic. Then you press the print firmly on your carving block. This way you 'transfer' the image/letters that you have printed on your Carving block.

3. Cut off the piece you need for your stamp.

4. You can now start cutting, do this carefully so that you do not cut yourself.

5. Reinforce the SoftCut with a block of wood or plastic.

6. Stamp the ink on your stamp with the ink pad.

7. Stamping baby! You stamp color by color. It takes 5-15 minutes for the ink to dry, so wait for a little before you stamp the next layer.

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