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REVIEW // 'Babe, you got this' by Emelie Sobels

by Judith Joosten 14 Jul 2017

For all business babes i review It book ' Babe, you got this '! I wild Please what read more , So became this book number two on the list . Coincidentally on the day (or the day after) the book launch of Babe you got this , Paul and I discovered the Colofon bookstore in Arnhem. Super fun to still discover new shops in your 'own' city. Apparently we had walked past it many times before, but behind a narrow facade we found a very nice bookstore.

To get back to my resolution: To be honest, I don't think I had read a book in two years. After graduating, I simply didn't touch a book again . It was so it's really time to change that. I think buying books So nice, but reading them is a bit more difficult. Do you recognize that? A bookstore provides so much inspiration because of the amount of knowledge you can find there. I forced myself to only get a new one book to buy after I have another book had finished reading. Cut Flower Garden used to be It first book that I purchased, I had been musing about it since February It book and during my holiday I ordered It finally. The whole I read the book in two days. Reading is fun! So: 'Yayyy, time for a new one book to purchase.'

I saw Colofon in the bookstore So coincidentally exactly It book lay down and thought: he's going home. And again I read It book with 2 or maybe 3 days out. I'll let you know why!

Just a short intro to it It book for those who haven't heard about it yet: For Babe you got this are more interviewed more than twenty inspiring, successful, female entrepreneurs for advice. These women were asked questions such as: How did you achieve your goals, what missteps did they make and how do you stay true to your ideals? How do you combine an ambitious life with a social life? These questions are discussed in a logical division per chapter.

1. Recognition!
So many things going into it It described in this book are things I encounter: administration, work/life or collaborations, for example. Feels like a girl boss It sometimes as if you were nonstop It have to invent the wheel. Always on top of your game. You are certainly not alone in this: go the extra mile, it's never crowded.

2. A push in the right direction
In It book Quite a few things are mentioned that you have heard before. For me, one of those things really gave me a moment of realization. Administration is really not my thing. I make that So never a priority. Having your administration in order is not just for the tax authorities. Like actually all women agreed It book , that is It It is simply super important that you have financial clarity for yourself. I immediately received my VAT return in the first week of It done quarterly and finally file my receipts every week. Yes! Proud moment.

3. Not only for Girlbosses but also for ambitious Babes
As an employee you can also get inspiration from it book to fetch. It's nice that the book mainly talks about your ambitions. As a woman you face different challenges in your career. I should mention that most of the women interviewed are entrepreneurs.

4. Down to earth, successes but also learning from the mistakes of other Girlbosses
Are you also allergic to some advice books? Dream big, do this and you will be successful and make tons of money! If It If it was that easy, then everyone would be successful, right? There is not one success formula that you can follow to have a nice life. It book is written from a positive angle but the more 20 women who also dare to share their mistakes and fears. Nice to hear this from different women. And that success comes to you: no one said that.

A reason why you It should not buy a book ? If you are allergic to open doors. You will certainly come across a number of open doors, but it book is certainly inspiring!

Purchase Babe, you got this online for €17.99


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