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The lessons I learned in the first year of my business

by Judith Joosten 12 Dec 2017

It is now becoming increasingly clear to me that creativity increases when you use it. I was sometimes afraid that my shop would come to a standstill, because I have no ideas for new products or blogs. Instead, I still have a lot of ideas on the shelf but haven't had time to implement them yet. What I perhaps didn't expect is that I think growing my company is one of the most difficult things. By standing still you actually go backwards, but you also have to be able to keep up with progress. Each step naturally involves additional steps. Such as: by investing in new products, turnover should also grow slightly. And yes: me talking money, because the financial and business side is also part of a company.

By making good business choices I can grow my company again. That's why I try to learn every day. I've learned some important lessons this year and would like to share them with you. I think as an entrepreneur you learn so much from yourself because you keep running into your own mistakes. You cannot shrug off work because it is not your 'job'. There is no one to tell you what to do, but if you don't do it it comes back to you. You don't have to be an entrepreneur for these lessons, I think they can be applied very well in any position.

Details matter, but so does impact and the big picture!
I think it is in your character whether you look more at the big picture or whether you look at details. I quickly focus on details and can spend a lot of time ensuring that all details are correct. Focusing on details will help you fine-tune things and create a very nice brand. But I think it's super important to look at the big picture and your goals if you want to grow your business. I recently read an interview in Glamor about a girl boss who often takes into account in her choices: 'how much impact will this have'. I think it is important to keep this in mind in both your daily activities and the plans you make for the long term.

I am always looking for ways to be more productive and efficient at work. Because I am chaotic and have poor concentration, to put it negatively. I can jump from one topic to another with work to such an extent that I have no idea what I actually started with. My productivity skyrockets when I make a clear and reasonable to-do list. If I don't do this at the beginning of the week or day, I quickly fall into updating emails and other separate tasks that have no priority or impact.

Reflect on the things you achieve
You work very hard every day to achieve things, so it's also nice to reflect on it when you achieve something. Otherwise, those special moments will pass you by. No matter how small things are, they make a difference for your company or position. A supplier that you have finally found, positive reviews, a deadline that you have met or your empty email box. Just enjoy it :).

Learn even more!
As part of the 'Google generation', I use this great search engine at least once every day. Who not? Just the sentence: how to + ... brings you a wealth of information. That's why I always find the excuse: 'I don't know how to do that' very easy. Haha, I only do that with the swimming pool opening hours. Because otherwise I would have to come up with other excuses because I really should start exercising again. Speaking of: maybe it's time to do that :p. Okay, I'm back on topic. Of course you can get stuck, especially if you have to make choices or because it is not easy to find. But then you can always ask someone for advice: for example via your own social media or in a Facebook group. Ambitious Girls , or The Confetti Collective , for example, are fun groups.

This felt like a very different blog than I normally share, I'm trying to experiment with blog topics. Hopefully you could learn something from it :). Do you like to read more work-related things? Let me know!


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