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Three reasons to keep a journal! + tips for a journal

by Judith Joosten 13 Sep 2017

I receive a lot of mail every day, I pack orders, I keep track of stock and I am always working on new ideas. I am also a photographer, both companies are fantastic. Amidst all the hustle and bustle, I need structure. Especially as a chaotic person, I really need that! That's why I make an extra effort to streamline certain things. I immediately archive processed mail and I always try to keep up with my mail. What I need to think about for a little longer stays there a little longer. But besides email, there are some things I have learned from. I had already read the tip from many girl bosses that you should keep a journal so that you get an overview. I watched some YouTube videos and then decided I just had to get started!

1. Organize thoughts
What I really find difficult about full-time entrepreneurship: you are always working alone. Not having a nice chat with a colleague or briefly asking a question or discussing it. Of course I often consult with Paul, but that is not always possible. And long live the introvert! I want to get things straight in my mind first. Then I'll talk about it. When I'm busy my brain can no longer stand still and then I drive myself crazy. Writing down your thoughts gives me a better overview.

2. Make choices faster
I discovered that it took me a long time to make choices, because I kept thinking mainly about doubt factors. At that moment I had doubts about a number of things for a while. For example, how I was going to make the Dinky Dips. I ran into so many things that you're tempted to quit. If it keeps floating in my head, I find it very difficult to make choices. You then pay much more attention to the setbacks or negative things. By literally providing insight into the pros and cons, I can rationalize much better.

3. Rationalize
Do you recognize this? Sometimes you have been dreading a task for a very long time. It's a huge dilemma in mind. Once you've done it, you really think: my goodness, did you make such a fuss about this? I think everyone can recognize this. I have that when I write something down and divide it into separate tasks. Then they are ready-made blocks that you can then cross off. Making lists of pros and cons, for example. It's also nice to read back in your journal to see what you were actually dreading ;).

Have I convinced you to keep a journal yet? I found it difficult to start writing. Here are some items/tips to get you started!

Tips for keeping a journal

A list of topics:

  • A recap of your day: describe what you did today
  • Worries: What are you worried about?
  • What were you grateful for today?
  • Dreams -> what do you dream about?
  • Goals & To do's

Just write
And if you start a journal, you don't have to do it every day or in a beautiful design. I just write without worrying about how it looks or whether there are spelling mistakes. This book is mine and is purely an insight into my brain. And no, I don't write in it every day by a long shot ;). Just when I'm in the mood.

Especially when I'm busy with everything, I take the time to write in this journal. The booklet is now no longer so neat and empty. He is now completely full of ideas and thoughts.

Do you keep a journal?


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