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This is how you use Masking Fluid

by Judith Joosten 17 Sep 2017

It's a very nice stuff: masking fluid! At first I only had the jar of Masking Fluid from Pebeo, but I expanded it with 3 other items. In addition to the Latex Free version, there are now also two masking pens in the shop!

What does Masking Fluid do?
Masking Fluid literally translates as masking fluid. And quite literally: you mask your paper so that that part of your paper does not absorb paint. It is a gum-like substance that you apply before you start working with watercolor or, for example, Gouache. Is the paint dry? Then you rub the Masking Fluid off your paper.

Why Pebeo Making Fluid?
Pebeo is very pleasant to use. You can use it with both a brush and a calligraphy pen. The Masking Fluid is light blue so you can see it clearly while you are working with it.

Difference between masking fluid
There are two different types of masking fluid and they are packaged in different ways. One masking fluid is latex based and does not contain latex. Furthermore, there is no difference in this effect of the masking fluid.

This is how you use Masking Fluid!
Step 1 Draw, paint or write with the masking fluid
You can use the Pebeo pots for calligraphy and with a brush. The masking pens both have a different tip, the latex free masking fluid (right) has a thick tip. The regular masking pen (left) has a much finer point, so it is very suitable for thin lines!

Tip: Don't use your best brush with the Masking Fluid. Also wash them out immediately and clean your calligraphy pen immediately. This is especially important with your brushes: otherwise you won't be able to get it out.

Step 2 Paint over the Masking fluid
Use gouache or watercolor when painting. While experimenting, I tried several layers of paint, the masking fluid allowed paint to pass through the pens/markers. So be careful not to use too much paint over the masking fluid on the pens.

Step 3 Remove the masking fluid
You can rub the masking fluid off straight away. Would you rather not have greasy fingers on your paper? Then use an eraser.

The end result!

Sorry, I completely forgot to take a photo of the pens! Quite a good result for a second attempt, right?

Have you tried masking fluid yet?


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