PHOTO REPORT // Mustache festival in the Flavourites studio – Splendith
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LET OP! Ivm beurs dit weekend versturen we niet vanaf do 13.00u. Bestellingen t/m maandag worden ma of di verzonden.

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PHOTO REPORT // Mustache festival in the Flavourites studio

by Judith Joosten 23 Sep 2017

On Saturday I was allowed to give workshops at the Flavourites studio, which was great fun! Flavourites has a studio in the Snorfabriek, a location of SNOR publishing house. I am listed as 'candy' on Flavourites. Flavourites is a platform where only the nicest web shops in the Netherlands are listed. Quite an honor to be listed there.

It was the last edition of the Mustache Festival in the Snorfabriek. The festival was combined with Le Bazarre. There was a market with beautiful vintage items, creative workshops and book launches. So plenty to do!​

For a change I had time to take some nice pictures. Paul very kindly came along to the Festival, so there are also photos of Paul :). If you couldn't be there today, you still have a nice impression of the Mustache Festival.


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