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EMBROIDERY // How do you use an embroidery hoop? And how do you stretch the fabric?

by Judith Joosten 04 Oct 2019

Do you want to start embroidering but you think: 'help, how should I stretch the fabric in the frame?'. In this blog + video I explain how to do this!

I use for this:

  • Fabric: I used this fabric.
  • Embroidery hoop. The ring I use is a beech ring from Prym, 19cm.

1. Cut the fabric to the correct size
First of all you need the right size fabric. Cut a piece of fabric, a bit larger than your embroidery hoop, remember that you will soon need about 3-4 cm of fabric that falls outside the hoop. If you don't cut that extra edge, you won't be able to tighten the fabric any further, and that's not very convenient ;).

If your fabric is extremely wrinkled, iron it in advance. Do not wash the fabric, as the weave of the fabric is best when the fabric has not yet been washed.

2. Place the fabric in the hoop
The embroidery hoop consists of two parts. Loosen the outer ring a little so that you can slide the rings apart. First you need the smallest ring, which you place on the bottom. Then place the embroidery fabric on the smallest ring.

I personally like to have the structure as a plus in the middle. The threads of the fabric therefore run horizontally and vertically. Place the fabric straight on it. Then take the larger ring and slide it over it. The ring should be loose enough to slide over the fabric, but not too loose. If the outer ring is too loose, do not stretch the fabric straight away.

Additional tips:
You can turn the ring over and then pull the fabric a little tighter. When you do this, make sure that the threads of the fabric remain straight and that they are not zigzagged in the hoop.

Better quality embroidery hoops always have a closure with a thread. If you want the fabric to be super tight, you could tighten it with a screwdriver.

Then the fabric must fit really tight in the hoop, you can start embroidering yourself!

Do you have any questions? Will you let us know in the comments?


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