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How can you embroider?

by Judith Joosten 04 Oct 2019

Nice, isn't it, all those examples with embroidery? I can tell you: it is so relaxing to embroider. I really love it. Relax on the couch with the embroidery on your lap, podcast or video on: the recipes for a wonderfully relaxing evening. The memories I had of embroidery is that it is so old-fashioned, but that is certainly not true! You create the most beautiful designs all by yourself and be careful, it is certainly addictive! Are you also considering starting embroidery? Here are the steps you can follow to start embroidering.

1. Think about what you want to embroider
Just like painting, there are many different styles of embroidery. Basically you choose cross stitch or free embroidery. For free embroidery, use fabric that is fairly tightly woven with an even stitch. For cross stitch you use a fabric that has a square structure, so you can easily count the stitches.

2. Find the right materials:
Of course everything starts with the materials! What materials do you use for embroidery?

What materials do you need for embroidery?

  • A needle, preferably use a blunt needle
  • Embroidery fabric, make sure your fabric has the right structure.
  • Embroidery thread
  • Embroidery hoop: this allows you to stretch the fabric tightly, which makes it much easier to embroider.
  • Scissors for cutting the fabric and your yarn.
  • Optional: storage space for your yarn and needles.
  • Optional: a washable marker to erase your pattern again.

3. Hoop the fabric in an embroidery hoop

In this video I explain in detail how to put the fabric in an embroidery hoop .

4. Learn about the stitches

Basic stitches are 'chain stitch', 'running stitch' and the 'satin stitch' and the 'cross stitch'. The cross stitch is the most famous in the Netherlands, it was the way my grandmother used to embroider on the specially made fabric AIDA. When I discovered the other stitches I was interested too! In the video I show how to make these basic stitches. There are also some other stitches in the tutorial

You should be able to get started with these steps yourself! In the shop you will find all the materials to get started with embroidery yourself! If you still have any questions, please let me know :).


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