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I think you should just go for it!

by Judith Joosten 03 Apr 2017

It's time for the next step! So from Wednesday I will be working full time on Splendith! I quit my job and from Wednesday I will be a full-time girl boss! Ahhhh, so exciting! 300 exclamation marks! :D

Maybe you're thinking: weren't you already doing this full-time? No not yet! I also worked for 3 days (16 hours) in a marketing communications department and I am a photographer. Workworkwork! This was manageable, but nothing came of it from product descriptions, reviews, DIY blogs. I was always busy setting priorities so it was time to make choices. You can't focus on three different things.

The shop is doing better than expected and that is why I dare to take the next step: full-time entrepreneurship! For now this will be a combination of photography and the shop. It's really fantastic that I can do this, partly thanks to you! I get just as excited with every order! Your sweet comments and messages give me a lot of energy! Thank you!

Full-time entrepreneurship mainly means more time to create beautiful content and share inspiration with you. More product reviews, photos and tutorials. I can't stop making the shop even more beautiful!


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