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DIY CHRISTMAS // Make your own Christmas baubles (Part 2)

by Judith Joosten 13 Dec 2016

Hi all,

I got the hang of making the previous Christmas baubles that I came up with the idea for part 2.

Have you seen part 1 yet?

DIY Materials:

DIY Tutorial
Step 1: Paint your wooden beads. If you use the Coliro palette, make sure you use little water with the ink. Too much water will cause the ink to 'bleed' and you will not get clean lines. I tried masking tape but I got cleaner lines by hand.
Step 2: Cut 3x 30cm cotton cord.
Step 3: Tie a knot at the ends
Step 4: Use a wire or needle and thread the beads onto the rope.
Step 5: You can now determine the height, for example you can make the knot a little higher.

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