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Take these drawing materials with you on holiday!

by Judith Joosten 13 Jun 2022

On holiday to Mallorca I took some more materials with me than normal, to test which materials were nice to take with me. It's nice to use a selection. This way you don't have to make many choices about your materials and it's easier to start drawing.

I didn't really take weight into account with these materials. They are easy to put in your bag when you visit a town. Enjoy anyway; relax on a terrace with a cocktail or cold cola: and just draw or paint.

1. Talen's sketchbook

I had not valued these sketchbooks enough. These sketchbooks are so nice. Not only for travelling, but also for home use. This holiday I wanted to encourage myself to work more loosely. Just make a lot and then get better. With a more expensive sketchbook I am often too careful and the threshold for making things is higher. In this sketchbook I wasn't afraid to experiment. For me it is a sketchbook to draw and paint freely. Give yourself an assignment for this sketchbook, and fun is guaranteed.

2. Pentel Aquash, multiple

    This is really a must if you go on holiday and want to paint. There is water in the reservoir, and enough water continues to pass through the hair. Do you need some extra water? Then you gently squeeze the reservoir.

    I took the broad and small with me, very nice to have two thicknesses with me. For more detailed things and looser work. You may also have a medium.

    Tip: also take a paper towel with you so you can clean the tip. You can replace these with napkins or the like. I secured this in the roll-up pouch.

    3. Roll-up pencil case with pencils & markers

    I used this very often. The roll fits approximately 20 pencils, two fineliners, the Fudenosuke black/gray, a posca marker for highlights, and two graphite pencils. I also hid the paper towel in here to clean the brush.

    I like this better than a zippered case. You can easily roll out the pencil case on the floor or table and have the materials clearly at hand.

    4. Cotton sketchbook

    I guessed this one semi correctly, the only thing I got wrong was the size. I took an A4 with me: but it was a bit too heavy to carry with me every day. It's nice to work a little bigger at the hotel or apartment. For wet-on-wet work, cotton remains a lot nicer. I would bring an A5 size next time. Or, for example, a zigzag, so that you can unfold the paper.

    5. Watercolor set

      I took both the Daniel Smith 24 set and the Holbein Opaque colors with me. I used both equally. The nice and unique thing about the opaque cake colors is that you can use them as gouache and watercolor. I also like 24 pieces in terms of color range. The set with watercolor is easy to take with you because of the cups and handy to use on the go. And Daniel Smith's colors are beautiful!

      Do you want to take a smaller set with you? This and this Cotman sets are also very nice.

      6. Clips

        Very simple, but very useful: clamps to leave your sketchbook open.

        What did I miss during the holidays:

        Just before departure I threw the Acryla selection out of my bag: I was afraid that my suitcase was too heavy. In the end I still had 6 kilos left, but I didn't take any Acryla with me. I regretted not being able to work with paint. It would have been nice to make some samples of landscapes in acrylic gouache, for example. Better luck next time 😉.

        I would also have liked to take some brush pens with me: such as the Ecoline brush markers or Tombow. These would have been very nice to loosely fill areas.

        Are you still going on holiday? Then I wish you a very happy holiday & lots of drawing/painting fun! 😊😎🏝


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