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Splendith collab with Studio Cremers!

by Judith Joosten 11 May 2022

Yes, a new blog! You would almost think that I have forgotten how to write ;). The wonderful collaboration with Marion seemed like a good opportunity to start blogging again. After all, there are also very nice new products online that I can write blogs about. So expect more blogs.

But first about the special sets from Studio Cremers

It became not one but two kits. A basic set and a premium set, which you can also combine very well. It is a nice complement to each other. The sets had been waiting incomplete for some time. The paper was missing, so we had to be patient. Finally the time has come, they are available! We are excited :).

The kits are put together by Marion and contain all her favorite materials. How wonderful is that to use the same materials from your course? No searching for materials, just the complete set straight away. You don't need much to get started with watercolor painting, but you can choose from a lot. So many different prices, types of paint, paper and brushes?! It's a shame to try out a lot, if Marion has already done that for you. She has been working with her favorite materials for a number of years now, which are now available as a kit.

The basic set contains all materials, if you don't have anything at home yet. These are the basics, but of course Marion's favorites. The premium set is the perfect addition to the basic set, or to the materials you may already have at home! You can order the materials separately, but with the set you get a nice discount :). And in combination with the course, you get some extra discount!

About Marion

In case you don't know Marion yet: With Studio Cremers , she teaches everyone watercolors in an accessible way. After all, everyone can be creative! Her motto is also that everyone can learn it. What positive reactions there were! If you want to learn watercolors in an accessible way, Marion is the right place for you. Many people have already taken her courses. With pleasant enthusiasm, she explains to you in an accessible way how you can get started yourself. To make it even easier for you, we have developed these sets for you together. (portrait by Maren Banus)

Discount code

When you purchase the Studio Cremers course, you will receive a 10% discount on the set. Have you not yet purchased the course? Then use the code 'splendith-10' for a 10% discount on Studio Cremers courses. So double celebration ;).

View the sets here & order your set quickly.


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