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The most beautiful Christmas cards of 2021 (by illustrators)

by Judith Joosten 26 Nov 2021

Do you also enjoy sending a card to someone at Christmas? I must honestly say that it has often slipped my mind. I'm so late in buying tickets that I end up giving up. Oops, not this year ;). I thought it would be fun to share beautiful cards from a number of illustrators, so that you can purchase a nice set from a maker. Maybe so personal?

In any case, here's a mountain of inspiration! Cards designed and printed by Dutch and Belgian illustrators and creatives.

Christmas card set by Esther Bennink

I saw this set last year in Jenniefromtheblog's vlog. And they are so much fun. These are wonderful winter scenes that you wouldn't want to walk into, right? Lovely by the fireplace, that's so nice! Esther is selling two different sets, and they are both so beautiful!

You shop the cards here .

A nice set of Christmas cards from PIET and KEES

Iris makes the most beautiful illustrations, as well as this beautiful set of Christmas cards. I love the birds with their hats <3. A fat robin is also such a beautiful winter bird.

You shop the card set here

This beautiful winter set by Marijke illustration

4 cheerful Christmas cards with winter scenes. What wonderful pictures and colors! These Christmas cards are not only fun to send, but of course also suitable for framing. Includes printed back with address lines and illustrated details and rounded corners.

You shop the set here .

Beautiful set of Christmas cards from Muchables and NienkeSwapt

How wonderful is this beautiful set from Muchables and Nienke? The set consists of ten postcards! All cards are A6 size (10.5 x 14.8 cm) and printed on 330 gram matte paper. The cards are printed on both sides and there is also a nice mini illustration on the back of the cards.

You shop the Christmas cards here.

Christmas greenhouse by Drawing-Ing.

What a cozy winter greenhouse, the deer will eat the pretzel, or leave it hanging ;). Inge makes beautiful illustrations, this card also tells a wonderful story!

Shop the card here .

Beautiful Christmas cards by Appeloogje, Marjolein Heij

Marjolein makes beautiful illustrations, do you immediately feel like hugging that penguin? The cards are printed on beautifully structured paper, which looks very much like watercolor paper. The collection is a lot more extensive, and it is also nice that it is a double card. If you need a lot of space for your Christmas wishes, that's ideal :).
You shop the collection here .
East west, Christmas best. When drawing this house, Lisanne Ooijevaar from Crealis imagined herself in the winter-decorated North Holland village of De Rijp. As an illustrator and letterer, Lisanne enjoys creating personal house portraits, decorated windows, walls and fine cards.

This tile wisdom just popped up while I was drawing. The card comes with recycled kraft envelope, FSC certified paper and minimal use of plastic.
Shop the card here . (also available in multi-design sets)

Set by Michelle from Studio Mies

What sweet cards, made by Michelle from Studio Mies. The cards are printed on beautiful Biotop paper and come with an envelope.
Shop the set here .

Christmas cards by Mir design

This beautiful Christian Christmas card with the beautiful lyrics of the well-known Christmas carol is a beautiful message to send at Christmas. The text comes from the Bible “And when they came into the house, they found the Child with Mary His mother; and they fell down and worshiped Him.” (Matthew 2:11a, ESV)
You can shop Mirjam's Christmas cards here .

Christmas card by Anna Sieben

Anna is a medical illustrator and a big fan of everything that has anything to do with biology. In her shop she sells a selection including cards, paintings and hand-painted wooden Christmas baubles. In any case, these dogs would like to wish you happy holidays.
Shop the card here

Christmas card by Nadie van Wijk

Nadie wanted to make a card that didn't scream 'exaggerated' Christmas (because there are also people who might not be as happy with it), so a bit more subtle! Hence the swallow with mistletoe! Nadie illustrates much more, and works from Enschede.
These Christmas cards are to order as a set of 5 (incl. Envelopes) or per 1.

Christmas card by Jetske Kox

Jetske wanted to do something with nostalgic Christmas baubles. For example, a bird with a sprig tail that you can clamp to a branch, you know? 🙂 In the end it became four cards with balls and a bird on them that you can also cut out. You will receive a nice nostalgic shiny gold string, so you can cut them out and hang them in your tree! It is printed on Paperwise paper and comes with a recycled envelope.
Shop the card here , there are several designs available, possibly also as a set.

Cute Christmas card by Petra van Bereguod

Petra has been making illustrations and animal portraits for 5 years now under the name Studio Bereguod. The materials she prefers to use are watercolor and colored pencil.
Each illustration is created layer by layer. She starts with watercolor paint and then adds accents with colored pencil. Every year Petra makes two Christmas cards. This year even three different ones!
You shop the cards here .

Christmas card by De Zeijverige Bij (Debora)

Debora, 28 years old, lives in a small village in Brabant and is the Zealous Bee. The cozy teapot looks nice. The tea house is illuminated, there is snow and there is even a cookie for tea. Happy Holidays.
View the map here .

Christmas cards studio Kuukeluus

Send your Christmas wishes with these sweet Christmas cards of delicious birds. Eating together and taking care of each other and the world around us, that's what these cards are about. The Christmas cards are drawn with fine details and soft colors. Perfect for bird watchers, animal lovers and nature lovers. You can also shop these cute birds as stickers :).

View more cards here .

Anja Mulder the Blue Bear

What a beautiful set of Christmas cards, made by Anja Mulder. What beautiful lino prints. The blue one at the bottom right of the image is my favorite, what a lovely winter landscape!

Shop the cards here .

Susan Thooft

This is one of the prints of Susan's Christmas cards from last year. But I liked this one so much! What wonderful scenes they are. Beautifully made! This year she has created a beautiful new set that you can now shop.

Shop them here in the Etsy shop Susan .

The Nutcracker by Bodil Jane

A set of 6 cards with illustrations of the Nutcracker, made by Bodil Jane. And wow, what beautiful colors: and the beautiful red envelope <3. It requires a nice golden address.

Shop the set here .

Those were the cards again! Have I inspired you to buy your Christmas cards on a smaller scale this year? Let us know in the comments! Do you think I am missing any beautiful Christmas cards that are printed in a smaller edition? Let me know! You can always email your design, who knows, I might add it to the blog after all.



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