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FLORAL FRIDAY // How to make a paper Daffodil?

by Judith Joosten 03 Mar 2019

Flowers always make me happy, but spring flowers such as tulips and daffodils: then you know that spring is coming! Last year I gave a workshop at Creative Life making paper flowers. I no longer give workshops during trade fairs, it is simply too busy to give a workshop myself. Of course I would like to be able to give the workshop with full attention. Fortunately, I now have a lot of help for Creative life, maybe I will dare to give workshops again next year ;).

For the paper daffodil you will need the following materials:

Step 1: Make the heart of the flower
Cut out template 1, lay the template along the length of the paper. The stretch is in the width of the paper, so it is important that the grain of the paper runs through the middle. Stretch the paper at the top so that it becomes slightly ribbed. then apply a layer of glue to the bottom. Then you roll it around a 20cm iron wire.

Step 2: Make the Daffodil bell
Then cut out template 2, glue both ends together so that it becomes a tube. Then spread the bell evenly over the stem and tape it in place with floral tape. By pulling on the tape slightly, some glue will be released. Then press slightly at the bottom with your finger so that it becomes a nice cup. Then stretch the top edge slightly.

Step 3: Make the leaves
Cut out template 3 6x, stretch the center of the leaves slightly and fold the leaves at the bottom and top. You can best see how I did that in the photos.

First distribute 3 leaves evenly over the stem. Then divide the remaining three leaves into the empty pieces. Make sure you tape the leaves high enough so that you don't see the green edge of the tape. Once you have taped all six leaves, tape the leaves down again. Immediately tape the entire stem to the bottom.

Step 4: The finishing touch
Then cut out template 4 and stick it to the stem as well. If necessary, tape the top down again at the bottom.

And then you should have a beautiful daffodil!

Will you let us know if it was successful?



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