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Comparison of books making paper flowers

by Judith Joosten 18 May 2017

Two new books in the shop! Super beautiful books, full of inspiration! If you want to start making flowers, I can imagine that it is difficult to start somewhere. A book or a workshop can give you a nice start. DIY books that are beautifully executed, I really have a soft spot for those! Wonderful to browse through a beautiful collection in a large bookstore. Unfortunately, the offer quickly becomes disappointing, and the internet is your best option.

There are no Dutch books for making paper flowers, so all three books are in English. I personally find it very difficult to buy a book from the internet, which is why I give a short intro and an insight into the books in this blog. A number of great titles that I have already purchased will appear in the coming months! Now just have to wait until they are available :). These three books are already a very nice start to the collection. Let's get started!

The exquisite book of paper flowers transformations

In the meantime I have stumbled a few times over the word exquisite haha, not the easiest title. I actually immediately bought this book based on the cover. Well, I just love beautiful images and the cover gave me a lot of confidence in the book. A book can be very interesting, but it is much more inspiring if it is beautifully designed, right?! Fortunately , it's NOT just the cover :). There are many beautiful flowers in the book. There were a number of flowers that I really wanted to make right away.

I made 1 flower to try out, the molds were perfect and I made the flower super easy. I then started making my own version of it. There are 4 pages dedicated to each flower, so plenty of information and photos!

The exquisite book of paper flowers
Livia Cetti's first book has almost the same basis as her second book. Different photography, text and flowers were used for everything. Some techniques are covered in more detail in this book and vice versa. The book deals with completely different flowers than the second book. So the books really complement each other. The flowers you see in the photo in 'Part 2' are all covered in this book. The photography is a bit more minimalist.

​Paper to Petal
A book with lots of inspiration for beautiful decoration and beautiful flowers. Some flowers in the book are very realistic, others not at all. A lot of attention is paid to the application, as you can see in the photos. The tutorials are a bit more compact than, for example, the books by Levia Cetti. There are a lot more flowers explained step by step, no less than 75 flowers. What I also think is a plus: the book is in Hardcover. I always think this is such an upgrade for a book!

The book is divided into inspiration, tutorials, application. In the beginning, all flowers are beautifully styled individually, followed by tutorials with one or two pages per flower, and then the flowers are used in an application. I love all the colors and the imaginative flowers!

Final verdict: Do you want to make almost lifelike flowers? Then I would choose a book by Levia Cetti. Are you looking for fun inspiration for different applications and don't the flowers all have to be so lifelike? Then I would choose the book Paper to Petal.

Do you have any tips for beautiful books? Let me know in the comments!


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