VLOG 01 // Flavourites Live

VLOG 01 // Flavors Live

It looks like it has finally happened, the first vlog . It's only the second video ever that I've uploaded to YouTube. The reason I postponed it so much is that video is a lot more vulnerable and difficult than photos. You are more concerned with the complete story and not just a snapshot. But video is so much more personal! I also enjoy watching YouTubers. So it just had to happen.

I've been planning it since the summer and have already made some videos. But editing just didn't work out and my laptop couldn't handle it at all. And of course it was always not good enough. Oh and the adwardness ! Haha it's so scary to film where other people are. I'm trying to let go of my perfectionism for a while and if all goes well the videos will get better over time. You have to start somewhere! I now have a lot of ideas about how I can do better next time. Because you can only learn video by just doing it.

Just before Flavourites, I suddenly thought: this is one of those moments that I should use for filming. I started quite promptly and filmed random moments. As you'll notice during the video: I completely forgot to make an intro and ending. Haha, rookie mistakes. And I have forgotten quite a few things, much to Paul's regret ;). Paul (aka the husband) is a cameraman and editor, so he edited the video. Lucky me! He received a mountain of videos: 'can you make something of this?'. And so he did :).

Hope you enjoy watching it! Please subscribe to my channel :).

And now?
I already have a lot of great ideas for future videos. The intention is to post a video 2-4 times a month. This could be anything and everything: a vlog, DIY project or a product video.

Please let me know what you think --> so I can incorporate it into the next videos! <3.


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Over de auteur

Over de auteur

Judith, eigenaar Splendith

Elke keer al wilde ik iets moois maken, dan kon ik niet de goede materialen vinden. Avonden lang struinde ik online naar kwalitatieve en vrolijke knutselmaterialen voor mijn projecten.

Daar begon het idee voor een shop, met een selectie van mooie materialen.

Met de blog en materialen hoop ik je te inspireren om creatief aan de slag te gaan.

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Over Splendith

'Create the things you wish existed'

​Alleen maar kwalitatieve, blije en leuke materialen vind je bij Splendith! Bij ons vind je een selectie aan materialen die je ergens anders misschien niet zo snel ziet.

Ben je op zoek naar mooie DIY materialen? Dan ben je bij ons aan het juiste adres.