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What is so special about Palomino Blackwing pencils?

by Judith Joosten 08 Apr 2020

The Palomino Blackwing Pencils are very popular among 'professional' artists. Besides looking beautiful, they are also very nice.

What makes these pencils so popular?
The Blackwing pencils are made from Japanese graphite. This means that your pencil is very nice and dark when you sketch with it. The sleeve is made of cedar wood, which can easily be sanded smooth. It also smells very nice.

The pencil is slightly longer than a 'normal' pencil. This is super nice because you can draw with it gracefully.

What is the difference between the different colors?
The Blackwing pencils come in three different colors.

  • The gray (Blackwing 602), this is the hardest. It is the best for writing and comparable to a 2B pencil.
  • The white (Blackwing Pearl) is the middle pencil. You can use this for drawing and writing, you can compare it with a 3B pencil.
  • And the black one (Blackwing Regular), which is the softest of the three. It is the nicest to draw and sketch with. You can compare this pencil with a 4B pencil.

The Blackwing pencil sharpener
This is a pencil sharpener specially developed for the Blackwing pencils. Although you can of course also sharpen other pencils with it. The great thing is that with this sharpener you first sharpen the wood and then the graphite. This way the pencil sharpener lasts a very long time and you can easily get very sharp points. It is also useful that the pencil sharpener comes with two spare blades, so you can always easily replace them.

A fun fact about the pencils.
Blackwing production was temporarily stopped. Real fans were so annoyed by them that at one point they were sold on eBay for $40 each. Then they decided to restart production.

Shop the pencils here .



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